Business Intelligence, Reporting and Analytics Visualisation. Discover hidden insights from your raw data. Get and blend data from multiple sources

We create BI and data analytics solutions that provide visualisations and insightful reports to allow you to see just what is happening on your website.

Management of your Data?
We have many tools to allow us to view and visualise your data, among them are Adobe BI and ZOHO BI. Both are available as a client side platform, this means your business can purchase a subscription with either and have you inhouse tech team setup and manage this for you.
We offer our own services should you not have any team to manage your raw data and action it.

Discover hidden insights from your raw data, Transform huge amounts of raw data into actionable reports. Track your key business metrics, see longtime trends, identify outliers, and unearth hidden insights.

Get and blend data from multiple sources, Get data from a wide range of sources. Blend them together to create cross-functional reports and dashboards, to view your business health across departments.

“Organizations that can develop and leverage customer behavioral insights outperform peers by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% percent in gross margin.”

Brad Brown is a senior partner in McKinsey’s Boston office, Kumar Kanagasabai is a partner in the New York office, Prashant Pant is an expert in the Chicago office, and Gonçalo Serpa Pinto is a senior partner in the Lisbon office.

Capturing value from your customer data, Mckinsey & Company

“Companies are unable to connect insights to action.”

Analytics: Sample Business Needs for Retail

  • Break down any report by product and vice versa. Analysts can be imaginative in how they find improvement opportunities.

  • Accurately attribute success. Determine the product category used to find each product to maximize product placement and sales.

  • Determine how customers prefer to interact along their journey and remove friction for cart additions and path to purchase.

  • Improve offer relevance & cross-sell opportunities by understanding session journeys and purchase paths by segment.

  • See the complete product conversion funnel by Product ID (with associated meta-data) and SKU to rationalise products with product SKU’s.

  • Understand offline & online engagement over time; tie additional brand engagement to original purchase.

  • Understand which facets (or filters) are used most often, which ones lead to sales and the order in which visitors engage.

  • Inject the costs of each product purchased to evaluate higher margin products with loss leaders in conjunction w/campaigns.

  • Bind product to visitors and page real-estate to discover which products successfully cross-sell each other and increase basket size.

  • Uncover product affinities through meta-data that can be imported, applied historically, and used in any type of reporting or analysis.

Adobe Business Analytics – Customer Stories

Dell: data-driven and determined. Top tech company unlocks employees’ potential for making a measurable impact on customer experiences.

Since deploying Adobe Marketing Cloud, employees from across the organization have been encouraged to find new ways to enhance customer experiences. “On any given day, over 1,000 employees are using Adobe Analytics to get at what matters,” says Parker. “More than ten times the number of people from before are looking at data to understand everything from online sales to why customers are leaving the website or what might be causing spikes in call center volume.”

“Adobe Marketing Cloud powers virtually all of our digital experiences. We can leverage segment-specific data for a B2B customer and regional data to make every interaction personal and relevant.”

Vab Dwivedi, Direc