Business Hosting Packages for Professional Company Websites

A comprehensive business web space that allows for starter websites with numerous subpages and functions, powerful control panel and easy to use 1 click installers. Ideal for non tech users who need to get their web presence Online with the use of a pre designed template and theme options such as come with WordPress and Joomla. These open source platforms are free to use and can be complex or simple, its really up to you how far you want to take your website. Fast Linux server producing fast loading pages, the Start Up package is fantastic for any business coming into Online sales, brochure or simple landing pages.

Security – we take it seriously!

CSF – Server Firewall

ConfigServer Security & Firewall is perhaps the most essential security plugin for a shared cPanel server. It acts as a software firewall and login failure daemon for the entire cPanel server with an exhaustive list of options to ensure that our servers block malicious activity. It provides brute-force detection and automatic IP Address banning for malicious behavior across a range of the servers services.

ConfigServer eXploit Scanner

ConfigServer eXploit Scanner is the front-line defence against malicious code from being uploaded to your server when a website is being exploited. Hooking in to ModSecurity, it analyses uploaded files whilst they are being uploaded and can be set to auto-quarantine files that match it’s elaborate repository of exploit fingerprints. If you choose to not quarantine, it has the ability to scan entire accounts or the entire server when required and email our dev team detailed reports of any suspicious or malicious files it detected from the result of a scan.


Having ModSecurity installed in a shared web hosting environment is great for protecting incoming HTTP / HTTPS requests against all kinds of malicious activity. It allows for some very advanced rules to be setup so that we can define triggers and rules at a very granular level. It has rules to block a specific activity affecting a particular brand of CMS and can also be really helpful in blocking things like XSS (Cross Site Scripting) attacks and SQL Injections. In addition to the single rules, there are whole rulesets developed for this such as the OWASP rules and many SSL certificate security companies also publish rulesets for mod_security (such as Comodo and Trustwave).

Support – we are here for you 24/7

You won’t have to wait long and we don’t charge our time for small update help or showing you what can be done.

Up Time and Performance

This year, 5 months in we have had 100% uptime, with hardly a blip on the speed of delivering your sites to your visitors. (view our 3rd party stats on how we deliver fast Linux hosting: Server Stats)

Experience and Technical Knowhow!

Here at UKBH we have over 20 years experience on working and building websites as well as over 15 years of working with large UK companies in which we managed their websites, hosting and marketing.

We recommend the Business package for small business requiring an online presence, this is particularly cost effective and easy to set up, even for novice web designers, thanks to the 1 click installs.

Up and Running in minutes

As soon as we have successfully received payment, our automated process goes into action, within minutes you’ll receive emails with information of login, support and links to your control panel and profile.

Its quite possible you could be up and running within a day, no technical knowledge is required on installing the platform of your choice, simple 1 click installs give you over 100 to choose from with many more free themes to use!

Once installed you can use a Word type screen to type in your information, images and more. Help and support is always there for you with our forums, ticket system and page links.