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We have a proven track record of successful SEO and  work intensively with industry leading companies on their SEO, marketing and PPC.

SEO & Website Analytics….
Without these two you are working blind without direction.

SEO & Website Analytics….
Without these two you are working blind without direction.

UKBH offer website optimisation to improve your website’s visibility within the search engines. Through our experience, knowledge, and creativity we are able to make sure we deliver you the best results possible. Our SEO team keep up to date with Google news and its various updates to its search algorithms and are a member of various search and SEO analytic forums where we post and read.

Our aim is to deliver a successful website optimisation that can be seen in the results you view in your analytics and in the visitors and branding reach online seen through your sales. The reports we set up will easily show the changes in views and site visitors, keywords, branding, backlinks and more, as the cutting edge software and techniques we use in our site analysis and reporting give you finely honed information.

We have a Proven track record of successful SEO and we work hard to keep at the forefront of Search Engine Optimisation knowledge and  work intensively with industry leading companies on their SEO, marketing and PPC.

Here are just a few of the examples of industry keywords that we have attained high visibility for – companies include; engineering, health, town portals, government supply companies etc:

  • actuated valves
  • brass ball valves
  • electric actuators
  • butterfly valves
  • tavistock devon
  • weapon storage
  • stackable weapons racks
  • ATEX actuators
  • private blood tests
  • pregnancy blood test

Our team will put your website through our thorough SEO website audit, highlighting all of the on-site problems that are currently ranking your website down. Our SEO team will find the most profitable keywords for your product or service, source competitors that are ranking against you and place your website into high visibility on the search engines.

SEO / Rankings / Links / Social / Brand / Content / Traffic

Our reports show you what your competitors are up to, and highlights useful and actionable insights. Our SEO reports give you a picture of how your optimisation has performed over time. Easily watch the trend lines of your website growth and momentum and highlight factors that have caused shifts in performance. Our SEO Reports show you all of your data in a comparative view with your competitors. Scope out their link profiles, traffic, social activity, mentions of their brand online, trending content pieces, and more.

Each month you will recieve in PDF or CSV format our monthly SEO report on your website and its competitors, (up to 3 competitors), enhance your reports with a full written guide from our SEO professionals explaining and highlighting trends, ranking factors, crawl errors and more. From £350 monthly you can make sure you know what your website is doing, how it is performing well, or plunging down the rankings with the major search engines.

Below are just a few of the reports that we include in our monthly SEO website reports.

Traffic from organic search and keyword rankings
With the Rank Tracker Report that reports on how your keywords rank on your pages with our Keyword Difficulty Report that Checks keyword popularity and can analyse ranking factors along with our On-Page Grader Report that can improve your site with instant insights and tips Brand mentions and traffic from referring links.
Our Brand Tracker Report keeps you updated on where and when your brand is mentioned on the web with our Referring Links Report showing you just who is sending you traffic and from which pages that are linking to you.
Your competitors will be working away at their own website optimisation, however we target their every online move, from social posting to PPC campaigns, from organic listings to people who link to them, all this and more is provided in our monthly report that we provide to you, we are your eyes and ears online!

SEO plans and marketing options

UKBH Website Optimisation Reporting Plans start with:

  1. Website SEO Full Report, with suggestions on what to fix/optimise – £200 per calendar month, no contract and can be stopped at any time
  2. Website SEO Full Report, with suggestions on what to fix/optimise and with a written consultation report on your monthly reports – £350 per calendar month, no contract and can be stopped at any time

UKBH Website Optimisation Plans start with:

  1. Website Optimisation up to 5 keywords optimised and SEO reports – £550 per calendar month, no contract and can be stopped at any time
  2. Your Website Optimised for up to 10 keywords with SEO reports and with a written consultation report on your monthly reports – £975 per calendar month, no contract and can be stopped at any time

With our SEO optimisation plans we would expect to be working on traffic producing keywords for a period of at least 6 months, in our experience we would expect to see results within 2-3 months but depending on keyword difficulty this could take longer.

We would need access to your website admin and hosting areas and will require access to editing your site files if required to optimise for the keywords required.
We will first run a full audit report on your website to find any errors, spam links and other problems that may affect your rankings on keywords, some of these problems may have an affect on the pages and keywords you have selected for optimisation.

We will always let you know if your website is simply not developed to a high standard and so which might hamper any SEO efforts you employ, we won’t waste your money or our time on a website that simply cannot be optimised.

Website re-builds

Our SEO team can quote competitively on website redesign and redevelopment plus have a huge amount of experience in working with open source software such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento and many others.

Looking for other SEO, Adwords Campaigns?

We offer a full Adwords Campaign service, from setting up your account to building up your keywords, ads and supplying monthly reports on your campaigns effectiveness. Please see our main adwords page for more information.

Call 01392 581717 If you would like to know more on how our SEO team can help your business on the web today.

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