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UKBH have worked on many SEO Projects in many different Industries from Health to Engineering, to Music and Lifestyle.

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When you take out one of our SEO packages you are giving your business the expert edge it needs to grow your visitors, outrank your competitors and rank your website higher on Google. Every package comes with many years of experience in SEO at small business and multi million pound corporate levels, an SEO strategy that will be executed and measured with complete control.

July 2017 – news
First Page Ranking for phrase ‘Blood Tests’ for private blood testing company in the UK

How do we score for our our own SEO?

Because we are located in Devon we have been building our business for the last 17 years on a local basis but are now offering our skills out towards the rest of the UK. It has only been recently that we are now able to offer our services to more people in the UK with the same professional care, that we are now just starting to target keywords and phrases further afield for places other than Devon or the south west.

First Page Results on Google for:

Local SEO

  1. ‘SEO Tavistock’ and ‘Search Engine Optimisation Tavistock’ (we have over 23 other competitors in and around Tavistock)
  2. ‘Website Hosting Devon’ we rank No2
  3. ‘Website Hosting Tavistock’ and ‘Magento Development Tavistock’ (we have over 23 other competitors in and around Tavistock) page 1
  4. ‘business hosting Devon’ No1
  5. ‘Devon & Cornwall SEO’ No2

Google.co.uk Database

  • ‘Business Hosting UK’ We rank within the top 30 companies in the UK, including GoDaddy, UK2, Fasthosts etc.
  • ‘Business Hosting’ we rank No 37
  • ‘Business class hosting’ page 2

We have been targeting the rest of the UK for a matter of only 4 weeks, prior to this our focus was building and maintaining our local business clients.

What do our clients say?

UKBH is very experienced in web design, SEO and stat analysis of how a website is performing and how it can be improved. They are also more than capable of managing Adword campaigns, social media content and mail shots. When challenged with tasks that would fall more in line with a role of a graphic designer, UKBH were able to deliver time and time again.
MD Adam Chapman – Allvalves Limited

First Page Results on Google for:

  1. ‘Actuated Valves’ and ‘Brass Ball Valves’ (for the Valves and Oil industry)
  2. ‘Weapon Storage’ – ‘Mobile Weapon Storage Hire’ – (Both in the UK & France)
  3. ‘Pregnancy Tests in London’ and ‘Blood Test Kit’ – (Pregnancy Medical Lab in London)
  4. ‘Private blood tests’ overall in the UK – (Private Blood Test company)
  5. ‘Blood Tests’ – (Private Blood Test company) NHS and Wikipedia the only ones higher for this very difficult to rank for keyword!

If an SEO company cannot get itself onto page 1 of Google ranking for some, maybe not all, of its best SEO keywords then how do you think they will deliver for your website?
UKBH do and continue to bounce from page 1, first ranking to page 1, second/third ranking on the page for some of its best SEO keywords. No one can guarantee a stay at No1 for ever, sometimes a site will bounce between No1, 2 and 3 but should keep its authority and stay within that range with good SEO and management. Simply getting a site to that stage and then leaving it will simply be a waste of time, to keep you at the top it needs constant management.

SEO isn’t just about ranking No1 on Google, there are often far better keywords for your business that you might rank much easier for and without any competition!
LongTails keywords can get you into the engines quicker and for some niche websites this is the main part of their strategy rather than compete with brands for the exact match keywords for their industry.

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