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Training & Workshops in SEO, Google Analytics and Magento Ecommerce

So you have a website, a business idea and products and services to sell… if you have never considered Search engine optimisation training, Google Analytics training or Magento Ecommerce training, now could be the time!

Search Engine Optimisation Training

Search Engine Optimisation Training can show you cost effective and extremely effective on-line marketing techniques. Despite the fact that no technique should be utilised in isolation, there is an area of internet search engine optimisation that deserves particular attention – off site SEO. Off Site Search Engine Optimisation – Why You Need Training.
Despite the fact that you might not have heard the term Off site Search engine optimisation before, the theories behind the name are not new.

Unlike on site search engine marketing, which focuses on the content and code of your website, off site search engine marketing relies on creating links to your website. Hence the name Off website – it’s about getting other sites linking to you. They assist the search engines in discovering what your website is about, plus they increase your website’s popularity. It’s a lot like high school again where the popular kids get seen most, in the world of search engines, the popular sites rank higher. SEO training typically covers both on website and off site elements. It is a the off site factors which are gaining prominence today.

Google is continuously changing its calculations for ranking websites. The general rule today is that off site elements are of greater importance to Google than on website elements like keyword density. Keyword density – getting key words on your website in the right proportion to the text on the page still ranks, but not almost as much as it used to. To help you understand how search engines rank websites as well as to discover how to raise your own inbound links, a Search engine optimisation training class is really the best way to go.

UKBH also run Local SEO in Devon training and offer services to business looking for higher visibility on the web in their regions.

Google Analytics Training

A cornerstone of any organization’s overall social marketing plan should be reliable web analytics – that’s accurate tracking of traffic coming from your online marketing efforts. This will enable you to analyse statistics for all those visitors, and hopefully align those numbers with your marketing goals. Google Analytics will automatically verify references from other web sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, along with other networking sites. In your Traffic Source reports, you will see your social network visits grouped by references from that site – sources like LinkedIn or Facebook. These sites are grouped in with all other referring traffic.

What if you wish to track statistics for incoming traffic from ALL social network sites? It’ll be difficult to do that if you were to search through all of your other referral traffic. Organic traffic covers non paid visits from search engines, means direct traffic, and all of your social networks are grouped under referral traffic.

This is one workshop you should definitely attend, we’ll guide you and advise on getting your profile set up, using Filter Manager from the Summary screen and the Add Filter function.

Magento Ecommerce Training (Workshop)

This should really be called simply our Magento Workshop as technically you can get Magento training with far more in depth instruction direct from Magento. What we offer are workshops for people in business who want to run their own online business and optimise that business successfully.

We run the training, (workshops), in small groups, up to 6 people and we cover the whole setup of Magento, Optimisation and Product layout and Payment gateways. PCI compliance if required is covered and you’ll come away with understanding of Magento for greater than most online business owners who Magento Stores.

Keep an eye on the site for new dates for training and workshops!