A big challenge for businesses is finding a solution that can store the rising volumes of data. On average, 60-80% of all stored content is photos, videos and audio files. Your business needs a cost-effective way to store and locate these files with a click of a button. Our Cloud Storage offers an effortless way to view all of your media files on-demand in one integrated solution.

UKBH Cloud supports a number of media types such as RAW images, 2K, 4K, 3D, and HD videos, and numerous audio files.
Our state of the art technology provides media discovery and storage that can reduce your costs by more than 60%.

Stream Videos On-Demand
With our transcoding technology, all of your videos, photos and audio files are optimized to be fully viewable – no matter the size. For example, you could upload a 4K video and our Cloud will create an optimized version(s) that can be streamed without no interruptions and shared to any computer or smart device.

Media Preview
Instead of downloading a full size video file, Our Cloud gives you the ability to hover over any file to get a sample preview of the video, or click to play the optimised video for faster loading and easier sharing. You can also preview audio and photos.

Want to try out the cloud for your business absolutely FREE, no payment details required.

Our trial includes:

  • Trial Period 14
  • Video Streaming SD
  • eDiscovery Enabled
  • SaaS Backup Enabled
  • AI Actions Enabled
  • Name Free Trial
  • Backup Type NA
  • Audit Basic

All this and more from our AI Cloud will be online in the next few weeks. For more information please call Keith on 01392 581717 or email us at hello@ukbh.co.uk


For Business – Yes take me there!

Smart Cloud Storage for all your devices whether on Mac OS, PC with Microsoft Windows, Tablet, Mobile, you can synchronise them all!

  • Backup of Desktops, iPads, Mobile, Mac or PC

  • Install and Configure through intuitive interface

  • Backups are made automatically through a schedule

  • At any time you can immediately start with restoring your data

  • UKBH Smart Cloud can protect Android and iOS smartphone data

  • Link to Instagram, Facebook, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive to backup photos, videos and other data

  • Once files are uploaded, you can share them with others, view images and even stream movies.

  • Once a photo is uploaded, our Smart Cloud algorithms analyse people and things in that photo. For faces, it will group the photo with other photos that include the same face.

  • UKBH Smart Cloud AI will even attempt to describe your photo. For example, if it recognises a cat in a window, it will label the photo as “A.I. Description: a cat is sitting in the window.”


Traditional services are limited in what they can offer. Most providers just offer backup. That’s not enough anymore. We offer a platform that is layered with a number of advanced A.I. features that can meet the growing needs of users

Features you won’t find in traditional services:

  • Instant Document Discovery
    Find any file like a search engine – quick and relevant.
  • Photo Detection
    Making it even easier to discover images by the objects or items that appear within them.
  • Media Streaming
    Watch any HD, 4K, and 100s of media files on-demand and without any buffering.
  • Real-Time User Management
    Set permissions, manage users and track account activity. Detect insecure practices on your account.

It's no longer enough just to backup!

Our AI Smart Cloud will backup & restore

70% of users consider file storage as their top priority when using cloud computing. Artificial Intelligence can enhance this process by backing up and processing data faster than traditional services.

Key Features

  • Instant File Discovery
  • Ultra-Secure Backup
  • Top-Up Payment System
  • Content Analyzation
  • Media Streaming
  • Photo Detection
  • Mobile Backups / Discovery
  • Servers Backup
  • SQL Backup
  • Complete Users & Servers Management
  • Instant & Archive Storage Options
  • OCR Engine

Document Discovery
Finding your data should be stress-free. A standout feature of BigMIND is that it automatically sorts your files for you. Upload any file and the technology will organise all of your documents, financial spreadsheets, PDFs, and presentations making them more accessible.

Search By Content
Forget filenames, you can now search by words and phrases.
Our technology has been designed to understand sentence structures and language variations. This means that from any computer or mobile device, you can search any word and your Cloud will display the relevant results like a search engine.

View Search Results
Our cloud will extract the paragraph that the search phrase is located, so you can verify which file you wish to access.

Media for the Cloud

Plans & Pricing


  • Hot Storage: 100 GB
  • Cold Storage: 50GB
  • Video Streaming: SD
  • Device Backup (Android + iOS):3
  • AI Actions: Enabled
  • Users: 1 User(
  • SaaS Backup: Enabled
  • 24/7 Support
  • Instant (Hot) Storage.

    Hot Storage means backup time is instant, restore time is instant, it has photo review, restore files from client, plus for UKBH users only direct upload (drag and drop), create folders online, stream videos and music from website, (UKBH users only), downloading files from mobile and sharing.

  • Cold Storage.

    Cold Storage means backup time is instant, restore time is with 3-5 hours, there may be exceptions, it has photo preview, restore files from client.

What some of our clients say about us.

“UKBH are very experienced in web design, SEO and statistic analysis of how a website is performing and how it can be improved”

Adam Chapman, Allvalves Limited

“UK Business Hosting have been hosting and managing the Blue Horizon group of websites for over 3 years and have gained many page 1 results for its main keywords and visibility with its SEO service. UKBH continue to provide our hosting and management and Digital Marketing”

“Keith did a great job. He was very friendly, professional, and was willing to answer all my questions. If he didn’t know the answer immediately he took time to find out and come back to me. My company switched to UK Business Hosting around 12 years ago for its SEO and web development. Our company has maintained its prime keywords in Google since Keith took over and has also maintained and managed our websites with updates and backups.”

Victor Brellisford, FWS Europe