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Which Web Hosting Company Would You Choose?

Which Web Hosting Company Would You Choose?

Choose your web hosting provider wisely!

Choosing a website hosting provider is different for everybody. Every web site has a unique set of needs and you will need to search far and wide to find an internet host providing you with the needs which are specific to your site. As an internet site owner however, the technical support your web site hosting service supplies is going to be crucial to the business. 99.9% uptime will be the most hosting companies will guarantee and just in case you’ve been purchasing traffic, (Adwords), to your site and it goes off-line, you’re still going to be charged for every one of those visits to your website, that you never saw. You can’t afford to select a hosting company that will not react quickly when there is any trouble with downtime. At UKBH we monitor our server and all our clients websites 24/7 – at the slightest hint of any downtime or trouble we are alerted and react immediately.

The Hosts Member Forums: An internet host providing you with a forum, message board, or chat room to talk about hosting problems or to get help in is more likely to get a person to use their web site hosting services. The reason for this is people feel a lot more comfortable with an internet host which gives an individual touch as well as one that cares enough to offer a greater level of service and instant contact and or a place where the customer can get information.

What happens as your web business grows as well as your web site hosting needs?

If the hosting provider provides upgrades to dedicated servers, bigger storage and bandwidth plans, and lots of other choices, then you can feel comfortable selecting them as your web site hosting supplier.

You’re business does not plan to remain small so your hosting company must not plan for you to stay small either!
Storage Space: normally, this is only a problem with web sites which will be providing users a lot of packages like music or software. The average web site may get by with about 10 megabytes of storage, but again you need room to grow, plus you can in fact use your storage to back up files from your own computer.
Bandwidth or Transfer: This is the size of each file visitors to your web site download instantly to their computers each time they visit.
If you’re offering packages like application, music, and films, or you’re going to be driving a lot of visitors to your web site, you might wish to choose a plan which offers you more bandwidth.
Easy to utilise Control Panel: Cpanel is among the most famous control panel for web hosts to provide, but you’ll find others. Ask what kind of control panel your hosting company is providing to supply you with. Less sophisticated users need to be sure they choose a website hosting service that delivers a simpler interface so that they can feel comfortable making the modifications they need to their website. At UKBH we offer Cpanel and an easy upgrade option should you start to outgrow any of our current hosting packages.

I live and work on Dartmoor in a fantastic Office that is part of an historic manor house once visited by a King in hiding and which I share with several others. I have a proven track record in SEO and have over 22 years development exprience in building business websites for a range of industries.

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  1. When will UKBH be getting its own customer forums?

    • Hi Tony,
      Very soon! I am working on the site as fast as possible but with a heavy client workload right now its slowing down this sites development.
      I’ll be posting very shortly with updates and a new member area.

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